Legacy Media Studios is comprised of a dynamic blend of professional individuals who love the work they do. With over 20 years of combined experience, we have found ways to engage and incorporate our client’s inspiration and character off and onscreen. This we believe is one of the single most important aspects of developing a successful and simply beautiful and inspirational production, regardless of the particular genre.

We at Legacy Media Studios know that each and every one of our clients expects high quality productions and this we deliver to them aside from their spending budget; It really is a matter of being passionate of the work we do in such a way that it transfers in our work regardless of the constraint. It’s simple. It’s Legacy Media Studios.


John Matthews @jMatthews01
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Thank you guys for your excellent work in producing our promotional videos. You are are a staff of professionals, very courteous and easy to work with. Thank you!!!
Bernard Rory@BRory007
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I can’t thank you guys enough. You guys listened carefully to our needs and delivered a video that was beyond my exceptions. You guys rock!!! I’ll be calling guys for the next one, really soon. Thank you.
Dave Levy@DaveLevy
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You guys have surpassed previous successful projects we’ve produced with other production company. We are very pleased with the video, also it has been a pleasure to work with such a talented crew. Very professional.
George Williams@GeorgeWill
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I want to thank the company for producing such a great music video for my client. You guys are raising the bar for other companies. Great work as always.
Julian Ray @RayJulia
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Thanks again for superior work done with incredible attention to detail. The team team has proven itself to be a group of talented and creative professionals with a wonderful ability to get the job done right and right the first time.
Steve Walter@SteveWalter
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Legacy Media Studios has become our “go to” company for video and multimedia production, a reliable partner whom we trust to do work of the highest caliber. Having worked with you guys many times over The years, I know the company is fast, reliable, professional, and committed to creating top quality work no matter what it takes. You guys are great!!